Cracker is a contestant on Object Fire Reboot. He is a nice/shy guy that's covered in quills (spikes).  

About Edit

Cracker is a nice but shy guy that can get scared by several things he fears. His main friends are Sunny and Pot but he also has a few others too. Due to his quiet and shyness, this can make other characters push him around. It's also hard for when he has his quills as it makes him a hazard around others sometimes.

Personality Confusion Edit

As of by now, his personality is somewhat similar to the first pose Cracker made back in 2016. This is prove that Cracker's personality has been changed several times. At first, he was scared of everything (Kind of like Woody from BFDI) second, he was kind of competitive and brave, thirdly he was mostly cool and sometimes grumpy and then in end he was changed back to the personality similar to the first one. This maybe because the creator having a hard-choice of sticking to one personality and couldn't decide. This maybe the last personality Cracker might stay with.

In the show "Top Shelf" in Season 3 Episode 1 (A show made by powertowershowerhead) his personality was somewhat random and weird. (This may of been a personality mistake or misunderstood)

Coverage (Old Object Fire) Edit

In Episode 1a (Make or Bake Part 1) cracker appeared only once with CANS having no idea what to do, CANS then jumped up and buped into him.

In Episode 1b (Make or Bake Part 2) He appeared with Muddrop, Sunny and Pot as they were making a tastly pancake. He said that they needed pancake mix. Then he looked at Muddrop creepy and came up with the violent idea to use a knife to make her cry out her tastly tears. Little doesn't he know that he could have just ask her to cry out her tears as Pot said then Muddrop slapped Cracker for hurting her. Sunny also didn't like what he did but they carried on. (He never did something like this again)

He never appeared in Episode 2a! (apart from the intro)

In Episode 2b he appeared saying that he saved a turtle he pointed to and was the second person to safe a creature and got 28 points! Pixel and him were both safe from the elimination because they were the only ones to save the animals in time and due to Beety removing all of them (including Pixel and his animals)

Relationships Edit

See Cracker's Relationships Late 2016

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