Make or Bake Part 1 is the first episode and the first part of the episode it's self.


At the start of the episode Beety stands around like a normal person, Keepy comes and tells him he heard of a Object Show (OS) where objects like them complete in. Beety says he dosen't care and kicks Keepy so hard that Keepy few more that 10 feet of the ground. Mug told Beety to calm down but he still didn't care. CANS and Cracker were standing around, Cracker had no idea what to do, CANS jumped and pushed Cracker. Beety had a big hostile attiude afterwards and nearly killed Apple (which was the first recommended character to appear in the show) but Shark Fin charged at Beety sending him flying in the air with the knife stuck in him. Muddrop looked up in the sky, confused to see what was coming down and it appears it was Beety, his body smashed on the ground and splated everywhere and Muddrop was stocked to what had happened.